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Name: John Smith (Number Four)
Fandom: The Lorien Legacies
Physical Description: Fit, in good physical condition, with blond hair. He has three circular scars on his right ankle, signifying the three dead Lorien children, and a scar similar to the pendent all the Lorien children wear, signifying the charm that protects them.

* Telekinesis - All Lorien Garde have this power, developing it when they get their first Legacy, or soon after.
* Lumen - The ability to produce heat and light from his hands and a resistance to heat and fire which is spread throughout his whole body.
* Animal Telepathy - The ability to communicate with animals.

John Smith, Also known as Number Four, has a talent for blending in. He has no choice, really—one headline-making incident and he and his guardian must hit the road again. They can’t risk being exposed to the Modagorians, can’t risk being outed as aliens, can’t risk the truth being discovered. So far John and Henri have crisscrossed the country. Small towns off the beaten path—this is where you’ll find them. Until, that is, they reach Paradise, Ohio. Here John meets Sarah, and suddenly he has a whole new reason for wanting to stay in one place. John has been a fugitive for as long as he can remember. But he can’t run forever. Now is the time to face his destiny.

[This John is solely book based.]
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